Implementation through innovation: fully-supported SCA

When making a decision on a technology vendor, there are many considerations. Will it alleviate a significant problem? What does the onboarding process look like? Is there a support system for after the installation?

If you have ever implemented a SaaS solution for your organization, chances are you’re all too familiar with communicative sales reps that keep in contact until the final check is signed, then leave you with crickets.

For Life Sciences organizations, the programs and platforms you choose are even more important, especially when it comes to medical documentation and publishing. From rigorous compliance and regulatory requirements to multiple non-technical users, structured component authoring (SCA) is a solution that can help foster innovative work — as long as the platform is intuitive and accompanied by top-tier support.

Docuvera: SCA created for Life Sciences, support designed for humans

At Docuvera, we deeply understand the Life Sciences industry. We also know that no two organizations are the same. Unlike other vendors that leave you in the lurch, Docuvera makes our customers a priority from first contact. Some of the ways that we customize your experience include:

  • A highly-tailored services plan for each client
  • A full suite of support engagements, including Content Strategy, Implementation, Migrations, Validation and more
  • Documentation needs and full-spectrum training
  • Each client gets their own dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Ongoing support as needed

Best in class implementation, training and support

To help ensure you have everything you need, each implementation follows our Customer Success and Engagement Management process to ensure that your organization can successfully utilize and optimize the Docuvera SCA solution. We work with you to right-size your project and pace of implementation to ensure a successful transition. And once you’re up and running, Docuvera is there with ongoing support.

With Docuvera, your success is our ultimate goal, so we provide a dedicated team led by a Project Manager and Engagement Manager for every implementation. Learn more about the Docuvera Services Experience.

Unlock a better medical authoring experience

From better compliance capabilities to reusable content components, SCA solutions have many benefits over traditional desktop publishing options for the medical documentation and publishing process. Designed specifically for Life Sciences organizations, Docuvera can help simplify complex workflows while offering fully-supported services for users and teams.

Ready to move on from inefficient and costly copy and paste? Reach out today to discover how Docuvera can work for you.

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