Julie W.

“The Author-it Support Community and Author-it staff are like none other. Every client-facing person at the company knows what is going on, and support from the user community and staff is top-notch. We expected to speak with Author-it employees who were removed from what was happening and were pleasantly surprised to learn that these people are deeply involved with and knowledgeable about the inner workings and capabilities of Author-it.”

Jean Francois

"Author-it is a great company...the CCMS is the most efficient and user-friendly set of software I ever used... The team is very friendly, and I am always amazed by the high level of service they manage to deliver, always finding a solution whenever I request help for new or complex projects."

David S.

“Fast response on any kind of questions, high interest in good business relationships, regular updates with features that add value to the daily work of authors."


“One change in an Intel processor could affect 180 components, consuming 1/12 of a writer’s year. The impossible became possible because Author-it delivered this change in minutes.”