Disrupting the New Drug Approval Process

Disrupting the New Drug Approval Process

Medical writers are the last step in the clinical process before getting a drug to market. As a result, they are often faced with tightening deadlines and pressure from internal stakeholders. So, where does technology fit into their writing process?

AI tools can eliminate potential delays before they happen and automate tedious data interpretation processes. In this webinar, panelists from Yseop and Docuvera discuss disruption in the drug documentation approval process and how innovative technology is increasing productivity for authors, reducing the cost per document, and delivering faster time to submission. They discuss:

  • How companies can integrate structured component authoring (SCA) to accelerate document creation in drug development
  • The benefits of deploying AI and natural language generation (NLG) to automate reporting and improve clinical writing
  • How, by integrating these two technologies, life sciences firms can multiply the benefits for their medical writing teams

Panelists: Janet Schorr from Docuvera & Emmanuel Walckenaer from Yseop

Jannet Schorr - Principle Product Manager

Emmanuel Walckenaer - CEO